Transform Your Farm into a Profitable Event Floral Business

Tried DIY floral arrangements for events but failed? Wasted hours and hours of back and forth with brides trying to come up with a plan or proposal?  Lack of professional training could be the reason. Join us at the first ever Farmer Florist Bootcamp and leave with all of the skills and tools you need to incorporate wedding offerings into your business. 

Business Diversification

Expand your income streams by tapping into the lucrative wedding and event industry.

You aren't competing with yourself in your own products. You already have a customer base of subscription holders or customers that buy (and love) your flowers. Odds are, they have a sister, niece, daughter, granddaughter, or know SOMEONE that is getting married.

Profitable Transformation

Turn your farm into a flourishing event floral business.

You essentially will become your own customer, sourcing the flowers from your farm and selling them retail, making it doubly profitable for you as the grower and designer.

Skill Enhancement

Learn to conduct successful bridal consults and craft breathtaking floral arrangements.

Learning things the hard way can cost you significantly in the form of both time and money. Let us help you leave with the skills you need to implement a profitable offering your brides will rave about.

Imagine Your Farm as a Go-To Destination for Event Florals

Signing up for our bootcamp will equip you with the skills and insights to make this dream a reality.

The "Florist" Instructor

Jeni Becht

  • Born and raised in Minnesota

  • 25 years of floral experience

  • Over 1500 weddings of experience

  • Host of The Floral Hustle Podcast, founder and mentor of The Floral CEO Mastermind

The "Farmer" Instructor

Liz Fiedler Mergen

  • Nurse Practitioner turned Flower Farmer

  • 5 years of Flower Farming

  • 20X'd farm sales in 4 seasons

  • Surpassed $150K in gross annual revenue for her flower farm by year 4
  • Host of the Sunny Mary Meadow Podcast, founder of Sunny Mary Meadow Coaching