Quit Working So Hard to Throw Your Flowers In The Compost Bin 

If you wait until the flowers are blooming to sell them, you'll always be behind the 8 ball.  Turn your seasonal business (or perishable product) into a year round career that you can actually enjoy.  Don't spend your summer working 14 hour days.


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Hi, I'm Liz

I started my flower farm in 2020 as a little side hobby, and went from selling 200 bouquets in season 1 to surpassing 5000 bouquets in season 4.  However, it took me until this year to start actually paying myself.  I also took back my time and now I work 3-4 days a week for about 5 hours on the actual business, and have replaced my full time Nurse Practitioner salary.  

I want to teach you to quit working so damn hard to throw your flowers in the compost bin and not make any money.  Your customers want you to make a profit because they want you to be able to stay in business to keep providing them with flowers.

I have taken everything I've learned the hard way and want to share it with you.

Now It's Your Turn to Peddle Your Perishable Products

I have designed this course with flower farmers in mind, but the lessons can apply to anyone who is selling perishable products. Baked goods, seasonal home decor, and even clothing. All these things and more have a shelf life, and I want to teach you how to sell it successfully. 

Do you have questions if Peddling Perishable Products is right for you?

This is your chance to ask questions and alleviate concerns prior to purchasing the course. I promise, if at the end of the phone call you decide it's not for you at this time, there is no obligation whatsoever to purchase. I don't want to have unclear expectations of what the course will be. If you're still learning to grow flowers or working on that part, this course probably isn't going to be what you're looking for.


This is for the people that need help building an actual business around SELLING flowers, not just growing them.


This "appointment" is where you'll get the course overview and details of what it will entail. I'll also share stats on my sales.


This 8 module course is designed as a self study that will propel you through the basics.....along with 2 bonus lessons that are designed specifically for flower farmers to focus on efficiencies.

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