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Alright podcast listeners…I have an ask of you. Between writing these episodes, recording, editing, uploading, and fees to even have an account, this podcast takes a lot of time, effort, and resources.  I’m fortunate to have a team helping me out, but it’s time to evaluate if we are going to continue doing this. I polled a few of my most frequent listeners, and I’m humbled and grateful for the listener and sponsor interest over the past several months.  I have had so many messages letting me know that this podcast has brought some bit of joy to their day or week and is entertaining, inspiring, or in another way improves their weeks. I want to give a special thanks to the community for engaging and interacting with the show, in many instances, daily.  I want to keep the podcast focused on content that informs, entertains, and is mindful of your time. One way to accomplish this is direct listener support. Your support would help the show not only continue, but grow. I’ve set up a link where you can quickly and easily support the show. The whole thing will take 60 seconds. We’re asking for $7 a month to help continue our mission….If the Sunny Mary Meadow Podcast is a part of your day or week, and you love what we’re doing, please visit As a special thank you, you’ll receive access to a weekly bonus episode of what we did on the farm that week.  Think of your $7 as a “high five” to keep on going and creating episodes. 

$7.00 USD every month