Peddling Perishable Products

This isn't a technical fix to your business.  It's an adaptive way of thinking to quit working so hard to not sell out.  It's having a plan for your products.

It's building a profitable business instead of worrying where your time and money went without anything to show for it.  While flower farming is the example used, it's applicable to other businesses with perishable products.

What you'll get:

  • Video lessons on each of the following modules:
    • marketing & sales (including a 30 day marketing plan)
    • revenue and goals
    • pricing with confidence
    • transitioning your seasonal business to year round
    • collaborations
    • accounting, sales tax, and write-offs
    • insurance 
    • legal (LLCs)
  • Downloadable PDFs on each lesson, actual recommendations and step by step instructions on how to obtain the above (not just tell you what you need)
  • Interactive Discussion Board with feedback from other members and Liz
  • 1 hour phone call with Liz at the end for any follow up questions 


  • 3 bonus modules specific to flower farmers (my efficiency hacks, nursing home sponsorships, and stem bars)
  • Private Podcast with group Q&A discussion for each module to help learn from each other.
  • Sample letter for sponsorships, bouquet recipes, genuine product and service referrals that I use every day for my business 
  • After you complete the course, as a past student of PPP you'll get first access and/or discounts to future trainings and courses such as Flower Farmer Forum.