Flower Farmer Forum Friday Featured Flower Farmer - Ranchy Stems

business growth Jun 14, 2024

Today, I'm excited to kick off our new series, The Flower Farmer Forum Friday Featured Flower Farmer, where we interview innovative flower farmers who are doing things differently. In our first episode, we had the pleasure of chatting with Katie and Audra from Ranchy Stems in South Dakota. Their story is not only inspiring but also full of practical insights for anyone interested in the world of flower farming.

A Journey into Flower Farming

Katie and Audra’s journey into flower farming began with a shared love for flowers and a desire for freedom and financial stability. They started Ranchy Stems in rural South Dakota, driven by the dream of creating something beautiful and sustainable. However, like many new ventures, their path was not without challenges.

Initially, Katie and Audra struggled with selling their flowers at farmers markets. The competitive nature of these markets and the need to find the right audience for their blooms proved to be significant hurdles. But instead of giving up, they used these challenges as learning opportunities, adjusting their business model based on market demand and customer feedback.

Embracing Agritourism

One of the key shifts for Ranchy Stems was moving towards agritourism. Katie and Audra found that inviting customers to their farm not only provided a unique experience but also helped them build stronger connections with their audience. This shift allowed them to create a niche market and offer more personalized services, such as flower subscriptions and on-farm events.

Agritourism has become a successful way for them to sell flowers and engage with their community. By opening up their farm to visitors, Katie and Audra have been able to showcase the beauty of their flowers in their natural environment, creating memorable experiences for their customers. This approach has also provided a steady income stream and helped them stand out in the flower farming industry.

The Importance of Communication and Record-Keeping

In our conversation, Katie and Audra emphasized the importance of clear communication and setting expectations in their business partnership. They have found that being open and honest with each other has been crucial for their success. Additionally, they highlighted the value of meticulous record-keeping. Tracking their progress and documenting their experiences has allowed them to make informed decisions and continuously improve their operations.

Learning from Failures

Katie and Audra's journey has not been without its failures, but they view these setbacks as essential learning opportunities. They believe that failure should not be feared but embraced as a guide for moving forward. This positive mindset has enabled them to overcome obstacles and grow their business with resilience and determination.

Looking Ahead: Subscriptions, Sponsorships, and Events

Looking to the future, Ranchy Stems has exciting plans that include offering flower subscriptions, partnering with nursing homes for sponsorships, and hosting more on-farm events. These initiatives reflect their commitment to providing value to their customers and community while staying true to their love for flowers.

A Sense of Purpose and Confidence

Throughout our conversation, Katie and Audra stressed the importance of having a sense of purpose and confidence in one's abilities. Their passion for flowers and their determination to succeed have been driving forces behind their journey. They encourage other aspiring flower farmers to believe in themselves and their vision, as this confidence is essential for overcoming challenges and achieving success.

The Flower Farmer Forum Friday Featured Flower Farmer aims to highlight the diverse and innovative approaches within the flower farming community. Katie and Audra’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance, adaptability, and passion. Whether you're a seasoned flower farmer or just starting, there's something to learn from their experiences at Ranchy Stems. Stay tuned for more inspiring interviews in this series, and remember to keep blooming and growing!


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